Measure & Consult

Smith Drapery will go to your home or business right here in San Jose and the Bay area and show you samples, measure your windows, help you design your custom window coverings, provide color consulting for your project, order your products and professionally install them.


Once you’ve carefully chosen all your window coverings & treatments, we know that you’re eager to see them promptly in place…with a maximum of ease. Our professional installation team makes the installation process almost transparent. Decades of experience from our highly trained pros give you the peace of mind that it will be “done right the first time”.

Treatment & REPAIR

We specialize in restringing and other common window treatment and repairs on a wide array of window coverings – but our expertise doesn’t stop there. We are also able to do complete re-builds, retrofit, cut-downs and other more complex repairs that are left only to the most expert technician.